4 things you need to know when starting with Adwords

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You’ve probably asked the question before: why aren’t people clicking on my website in Google or how can I get on the first page of organic search results? Adwords might be the solution for you. If you sell a product or offer a service, search marketing is your key to success (so basically, any type of business).

Did you know: Nearly everyone does a Google search on their path to purchase; in fact 64% of people will click on a Google search ad when looking to buy online.

By using the right keywords for your target audience, you’re already reaching people who have an interest in your product or service. Sounds interesting? Before you start throwing money at Google, we’ve listed 4 things you need to know before starting your first campaign.

  1. You NEED a campaign goal

The saying rings true “begin with the end in mind”, meaning you need to know your end goal before you start. If you don’t have a goal, your results can never live up to expectations. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want your campaign to achieve – increased web traffic, lead generation or online sales?
  • What do you want your customer to do – register their email, make an online purchase or call your business?
  • How much do you value the conversion?
  • How will you track your results?

If you can answer these, then you’ll be well on your way to forming goals and accurately measuring your campaign’s success.

  1. Know the difference between Search and Display

Once you know your goal you need to decide whether you’ll use Search, Display or both. What are those you ask? Here’s a quick rundown:

Search network: regular old Google search text ads shown alongside organic search results in Google Search, Maps, Shopping and other partner sites.

Display network: more visually appealing display ads that show up on millions of other websites that are matched to your ad campaigns content and target audience. Text, images, rich media (such as interactive ads) and video are the types of ads you can use on the display network.

  1. Have an effective landing page

And no, we don’t just mean your home page. Half the battle of Adwords is having an effective, visually appealing, easy to use landing page. You’ve already had to pay for the click on your ad, why would you want to then lose that customer to a poorly designed website? This is your key chance to convince a customer to convert.

Since you already know your campaign goal, you’ll know exactly what you want from your customer. Your landing page should be designed around this conversion whether it’s filling out a form, buying a product or downloading a resource. The landing page should also be relevant to the customer, their search, and the ad you’ve linked it to.

  1. Consistently check and optimise your campaign

Did you know: small businesses are wasting 25% of their pay per click (PPC) budget simply because of managerial and strategic errors?

Unlike traditional media which can be hard to track engagement, digital advertising allows for extensive data analysis giving you insight into just about everything. With proper understanding, campaigns can be consistently adjusted and revised to maximise the effectiveness of your budget. Reviewing results regularly can help you find under-performing keywords, pick up on trends and confirm whether your ads are gaining the conversions you want. That’s why we make the effort to regularly optimise our campaigns – no set and forget thinking around here!

We know Adwords can be daunting and time-consuming to manage. Why not have a chat to us and find out how MCM can help.

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MCM Digital4 things you need to know when starting with Adwords

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